September 28, 2008

Why don't we have a Destihl?

I've been several places to eat over this past week but haven't made a post until now. At least I have some material coming up for any impending dry spells. Yesterday I had the fortune, good or otherwise, to eat at Destihl in Normal, Illinois. Destihl is a chef-driven restaurant which also brews its own beer or it is a brewpub that features high end designer dishes. I don't think they actually know either.

They have a pretty standard line up:
Normal Lager (a Muenchen-style Helles)
Redbird Ale (an American-style red ale)
Baldock India Pale Ale
Weissenheimer Hefeweizen
Jivaro Oatmeal Espresso Stout

They also have a fairly deep seasonal and rotational lineup of other styles. Destihl features flights (samplers) which come five brews to a flight. Since these are 6 ounce glasses I chose to only try one flight since I did have plans for later that day. I went with the seasonal sampler and it consisted of the following brews:

Dampfbier (I have never heard of this style and reference it only as Belgian-y)
Miner's Ruin California Common (like an Anchor Steam.)
Biere Brune (Belgian style brown ale)
Golden Child (Belgian-style golden or pale ale)
Maerzen Oktoberfest

I will admit the flight tended towards Belgian styles or tastes which I mostly abhor but it was well worth it for simply a taste experience which you aren't as likely to find locally. We chose not to eat at Destihl even though their food looked very appealing simply in the name of time.

While I still wonder whether the beer or the food comes first at Destihl, they have an extremely well rounded lineup with a seasonal and rotating lineup that makes it worth a tasting trip. If Destihl were located in Springfield, they might be my holy grail combination of beer and food but they aren't and if I am going to drive that far I'd rather go to Schlafly's Tap Room in St. Louis.

Destihl: Excellent if they were in Springfield. Worth a trip even though they aren't.

Coming down the line: Pao, Aztca and McCormick's Barbecue and Deli.

I've noticed this post rambles a bit and seems pretty ramshackle. I ask your forgiveness. My brew crew, the Lincolnland Lagers, had a brew day today and that often involves sampling.

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Anonymous said...

Today's rambling post reminds me of what TS Eliot's first line in a letter written to a friend: "I apologize for not having the time to write a short letter."