August 15, 2009

Spontaneous Brew Days are the Best

We're having a spontaneous brew day that came together at out the Prairie Schooners club meeting.

That's good as I really needed to get something together to take advantage of my Cascade hops. I don't have so many that I can manage more than one brew out of them so I plan on making an IPA on the lighter end of bitterness.

6 lbs light dry malt extract
.5 lbs of Crystal 60L (steeped)
.5 lbs of Crystal 120L (steeped)

1 oz of Cluster pellet hops (7.9% AA)@ boil (60 mins)
1 oz of Glacier pellet hops (6.0% AA) @ 15 mins

I'll ferment out for a week or so and then rack to a carboy and add in my Cascade harvest as a wet hop addition. I should have some aroma from the Glacier but hope to feature my fresh Cascade hops.

Normally I ferment out at 74F which is a little hot even if the yeast can handle it. I am moving this batch to my parent's basement which I hope is cooler. We'll see.