September 14, 2008

1st restaurant review: Corner Pub

I went to Corner Pub Saturday. I am overly fond of their Cuban sandwich and, even if they had horrible beer choices, I'd frequent it often.

My beer rating for Corner Pub is: Good!

Corner Pub has an pretty good selection for anyone interested in beer. They carry not only the Sam Adams Seasonal, currently Oktoberfest, on draft but also now stock Spoetzel Breweries Shiner Bock which is an acceptable choice for a dark lager. In bottles, they carry Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale as well as Boulevard's Wheat beer. For those of you who are New Belgium fans, they have Fat Tire, 1554 and Mothership Wit.

Don't go there expecting too much off the beaten path because, at last check, they no longer carry Rogue's Dead Guy and don't have anything in the highly hopped arena but most snobs should find something definitely within their palate.

For those of you who love ciders, they only have Woodchuck Amber. Too bad.

Beer: Good!

Corner Pub: Good!


Dave said...

I like their Cubans too. I don't go there looking for exceptional beers but they do have Guinness on tap which is a big plus.

Anonymous said...

They do have Pilsner Urquell, if you're looking for a fairly hoppy brew. Pilsner is hard to find, outside of the liquor stores and County Market. I agree, The Corner provides a very nice selection of beers.

Gish said...

I forgot about Pilsner Urquell but probably wouldn't have listed it anyway if only for the reason that they are owned by SABMiller. That is not to disparage the beer itself but there are os many nice breweries out there that don't have the backing of InBev, Diageo, SABMiller, MolsonCoors or Anheuser-Busch.