September 21, 2008


Palermos is an Italian restaurant on Durkin Drive. For those familiar with the old Imo's Pizza, Palermos occupied that location after Imo's closure. Palermos has a triple threat menu offering pastas, pizzas and paninis. All three are pretty tasty and I'd definitely recommend the restaurant based on food alone.

Their beer selection is a different matter altogether. They have your standard Bud, Miller and Coors selection of the type you find at pretty much every restaurant which has the capability to carry beer. All beer appears to be bottles only so, if you have a preference for draft, you will be out of luck. Their lineup does offer a slight nod to the Italian food with the addition of Peroni to its list. Peroni is an Italian pale lager currently owned by SABMiller.It doesn't do much to offer any breadth of beer style and is about as uncommon at Italian restaurants as finding Pacifico or Dos Equis is at a Mexican joint.

Palermos barely qualifies as a poor. They do manage the one import even if it doesn't really add much to their range.

I'm sure we can all agree the Italy is better known for its wine than its beers but there has to be some different choices than just a Peroni or a Moretti. I would encourage Palermos to explore their options to develop a beer menu with some more depth. Some additoins which still have some mass market appeal might be a Sam Adams or Michelob's Amber Bock. Guiness is popular with Springfieldians and anything that moves your menu one tick off the solid pale lager playground it is currently has to be a win-win for all. I like your food and I want your restaurant to be around for a long time. I just don't like your beer menu which is why I always order the Sangria.

Go for the food.

Palermos: Poor

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying to raise Spfd's beer palette. I go to Blue Monday at the Alamo and their beer selection is . . . crummy. But across the square is Celtic mist that has a nice selection of British beers, stouts, and a cider or two. Check it out.

What I'd relly like is a brewpub in town.