September 12, 2008

Homebrewing in the Land of Lincoln

It is limited but that is not to say: it can't be done and it can't be great.

Your only real option without driving an hour North, East or South is to order online or visit Friar Tuck. If you start, by all means, become familiar with Friar Tuck's selection because you will invariably forget to order something and will need to pick it up last minute there. Hopefully they will have your need in stock.

Tuck's homebrew supplies are in the same aisle as there warm beer selection. If you are wanting to start homebrewing then you will likely be familiar with this area. They have starter kits and beer kits to brew both, I think, by Brewer's Best. These make great ways to start since all the consumables are packaged in each beer kit and you won't need much beyond bottles for each brew you make.

Once you move past the extract kits and decide to throw together your own recipes, they still have quite the selection of loose stock which should keep you happy until you decide to move to all-grain but, by that time, you'll have likely moved to ordering from an internet homebrew shop to obtain the specialty grains needed.

I encourage anyone with an interest to go and pick up a starter kit and a beer kit of a style you'll enjoy. Tuck is our only homebrew supply shop since the demise of the Grape and Grain and it would help everyone involved in the hobby to show there is demand in Springfield.

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