November 1, 2010

Brazilian Beer Blog, Grande Cervejeiro

The love of good beer is world-wide but sadly not universally enjoyed by everyone. The dominance of mass-marketed lagers and light lagers have pushed the more flavorful ales and heavier lagers to the wayside and encouraged people to consider beer no more than a 'beverage' to be drunk as cold as possible rather than an enjoyment unto itself.

This brother in arms in Brazil has taken up the fight to educate his fellow beer drinker to expand their taste horizons and learn that their is more to beer than an ice cold Bud <=(insert mas market lager here).

Check out his blog. There is a convenient link to Google translate unless you can read Portuguese. Sadly I cannot.

Link to the translated page: in English


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Red Cobblers to friends,
I was very happy to see that you visited my page to help the exchange of culture brewer, the fight is really hard, but with this result.
Here in Brazil's AmBev force is terrifying, with commercials and advertisements on television marketers brainwash the population saying that only the Pilsen style is better (90% OF BEERS CONSUMED IN BRAZIL IS A RESUMEN PILSEN OR THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THE TRUE STYLE OF TRUTH PILSEN), unfortunately many people believe in "SANTA CLAUS". Here as the weather is very hot in almost every country throughout the year, the preference for beer is more refreshing, but the beer industry (AmBev) uses devices such as advertisements on television saying "VERY COLD DRINK 2 ° C, but what people do not know they are simple things as the temperature drops in any drink closes the taste buds on the tongue, making it not feel any flavor. But that's what big business wants, without feeling flavor because it seems like you're drinking water and is very refreshing, ie, use of numerous tactics eluding everyone.
As for the translation into English page has a tool that can be used on the side of the blog, translated into some languages the page content, because that's how I can keep up your page too ....
But finally we are in the fight, I'll make my first batch of beers now in December, probably an IPA follow the news at Blog ... BIG BREWER.

Check out the matter that made the Red Cobblers link below ...


Ricardo Oliveira Matos

Marco Aurélio Piacentini said...

Dear fellows,

I must say thet "Red Cobblers" was a blow of fresh air in my day.

Discover more about people who really appreciate REAL beers (not those S***t commercial brewers try to convince us is beer (sorry, Budweiser)) is really a good thing.

In U.S. you certainly have plenty of good stuff available... stuff like Samuel Adams, which i had the opportunity to taste last time i was in U.S.

Here in Brazil, homebrewing hobby is just flourishing, giving it´s first steps, and i´m proud to say I become a homebrewing enthusiast.

Please, keep doing the nice work, for the sake of good beers, and if you have the opportunity, take a look onto my blog:

Best Regards.



Hello brewers, that this Christmas will bring much happiness to all and many beers ...
Happy Christmas ...........

polishwarrior said...

Save the Ales! : )