April 3, 2009

New beers this week:

I'd like to make a regular feature that is of interest to me and, hopefully, of interest to you.

New beer releases for Springfield

At Friar Tuck:

Bell's Oberon - An American wheat ale brewed with Saaz hops. This is their Summer seasonal. I think this will be one of their most awaited seasonal releases since returning to Illinois.

Dark Horse Brewery's Double Crooked Tree IPA - Their IPA recipe except doubled. It's a big beer clocking in at 13.6% abv. I imagine the hop taste will kick in the nethers and take your lunch money too. it is however the perfect type to share in snifters on a cool night.

Founder's Cerise - A cherry fermented ale. According to the Beer Spot news, this recipe has been tweaked over some time while being on tap but is now being released as a possible replacement for Rubaeus, their raspberry ale. Of course, if you can find both cerise and rubaeus, perform a taste test and let us know which you prefer.

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