February 28, 2009

Ow! It's the Brickhouse. Mighty-mighty?

So this past Thursday, Diatribe, the wife and I went to try out the Brickhouse because Anonymous Communist beat me there and enticed me with mention of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale on tap. We were excited to see what beery wonders this new pub, strategically placed near the Corner Pub, had in store for us.

The Brickhouse: Excellent

On tap:

Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale (mighty mighty fine)
Boulevard Wheat (a good choice if you like wheats)
Woodchuck Cider (important to mi esposa who likes ciders more than me)

and, in case, you like such things, all on tap:

Bud Light
Coors Light
Stella Artois
Blue Moon

For 'crafty beers' in the bottle:

Goose Island 312 (nice to have but no honkers?)
Boulevard Pale Ale (If they didn't have SNPA on tap, I'd be drinking this)
New Belgium Fat Tire
New Belgium Mothership Wit
Spoetzels Shiner Bock (what ale drinkers drink when they're not drinking ales)
Sam Adams Boston Lager (used to be the go to beer in Spfld for craft fans)
Sam Adams Light (better than most lights)

They have a full complement of other domestics and imports in the bottle many of which you normally find in your local eateries since they are owned by the big boy conglomerates.

The Brickhouse rates an excellent but I wasn't all that thrilled through no real fault on their part. Their beer selection which rates well by my own arbitrary standards as excellent is starting to become standard fare in Springfield's newer restaurants. In theory, this should be fantastic for the beer drinkers of Springfield. It is and I should leave it at that.

Springfield is in for exciting beer times, I think. The Brewhaus, a constant favorite, and Floyd's Thirst Parlor, whom I have often underestimated, are now joined by Bar None, hereafter called Bar Noonie which is repeated orally several times with slight variations on the pronunciation of 'noo' and 'nee'.

Brewhaus always has fantastic choices, especially in obscure bottle offerings, Floyd's is carrying Three Floyd's Pride and Joy on tap and Bar Noonie has both Bell's Amber and Dogfish Head's 90 minute on tap. With exciting new pushes in our bars like these, I am hoping for some spillover to high-end cuisine and pub restaurants. Apparently I am becoming spoiled.

There ya go! One new restaurant review with some bar mentions. Drink up

The Brickhouse: Excellent

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KB said...

We had the draft Pride & Joy yesterday. Excellent stuff, even better than in the bottle. Well done to Floyd's.