December 4, 2008

Hello all!

I'd like to thank Gish for the glowing introduction! I'd like to second his mourning at the passing of the Grape and Grain. I was college roommates with the original owner's son and got to know Jon Walz very well over the years. Sadly he passed away last year. He was a very good man and is sorely missed. However, we can keep some of his spirit live by maintaining the spirit of quality brewmaking here in Springfield!

On a lighter note, I have come acrossed a list some enterprising blogger put together showing the most popular, domestically produced beers around the world. As many in the comments section of the page noted, this not a list of the BEST beer in that country, meerly the most popular. You will notice a distinct pilzer/horse urine trend to the list.

I have tried a few on the list besides those widely available in the states. Kronenburg 1664 is a decent light lager, Baltica kind of sucks. Particluar shout out to the people of Sri Lanka for liking Lion Stout! I have a sneaking suspicion that it is the most popular beer made there because it is the only beer made there. Nevertheless, it is one of the finest beers made in the world. Also, poor Eritrea. I'm thinking a decade's long civil war and grinding poverty leads to the top beer in you country being made in someone's basement.

I'd like to invite the commenters, how many of these have you tried? What do you think SHOULD be at the top a nations list?

Budweiser, we can do better America!



Jonathan Walz said...

Hey guys, thanks for the tribute to my dad. I sure do miss him. Thanks for letting me know about this blog. It's cool to find out you guys are homebrewers now. You should do a podcast (it's a blast.)


Gish said...


You should really have a pseudonym. Commenters are really crazy and might threaten you and your wife.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I have to admit that other than Guinness and New Castle, I usually drink domestic craft beers. That said, I would share an Ecuador Pilsner with the girl in the picture. We are the world.