November 12, 2008

Little Red Cobblers and the Lincoln Land Lagers

My personal homebrewery is named Red Cobblers which I fictitiously created and branded with my buddy when we started homebrewing in August of 2007. The derivation of name is from losse translations of our last names and just seemed to be catchy. My blog title is an extension of my branding and the naked shoemaker elves. I even made shirts for us, the owners, to wear around town so if you see a couple of WOOBs (white old obese males) in this logo then you have correctly identified the blog owner or his close associate.

I will say homebrewing is a very satisfying hobby if you love beer. If you don't love beer then I am not sure why you'd really want to engage in the practice. It can be time consuming and cleaning, sanitizing, brewing, the wait and bottling are really hard to get through without a beer in your hand. To share in the burden and create more variety at once, my homebrewery has formed a cooperative with other homebreweries: Skillet Brewing and others.

We title ourselves The Lincolnland Lagers. I thought it was a great title because I attended LLCC and it was way too obtuse for non-locals to get. In retrospect, it was dumb because we, as a group, don't lager anything. I just don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. If you brew with our crew then you are makin ale, son. I did, too late, decide we could call ourselves the Lincoln Alesplitters but we are based in Springfield and I already made our group and logo so boo to me.

Anyway, last Saturday was teach a friend to homebrew and I completed that task last year and I now brew with all my real beer-drinking friends so this is my simple effort to encourage homebrewing.

Please start homebrewing. It is fun. It is worthwhile. You will make mistakes but your beer will be some of the best beer you've ever had. It is just like how much you love your rotten kids just cause you made them.


Blevins said...

hey gish,
since you are one of my favorite commentors on my blog, I would like to fill up some whitespace on my blog by putting your logo up and a link to this fine site...if you be cool with it...

Gish said...

Feel free.

KB said...

Some of us are trying to re-establish the Springfield homebrew club, the 'Prairie Schooners.' Is there any interest?

Gish said...

I would think there is interest on my and my buddies part. I think the loss of the grape and grain hurt. With no real homebrew store (Props to Tuck for having stuff though), it is probably difficult to maintain any level of interest. Even our own poor group excuse to drink and brew has waned over the Summer and we've found it hard to get the level of entusiasm back up.

If you make it, they will come. I'll be there at least.